Bordeaux Cask Rum

In September 2020, we launched our second rum: Ghost in a Bottle Bordeaux Cask. It’s a five year-old amber rum with an alcohol content of 40%.

Matured in Bordeaux barrels

The rum that serves as a base for the Bordeaux Cask is the same as the one used for Ghost in a Bottle Double Aged. This rum comes from Trinidad and Tobago and is first aged in the Caribbean for five years, prior to further maturation in our cellar, in Bordeaux barrels that originate from the Seguin Moreau cooperage.

'World Rum Awards 2021'

Bordeaux Cask Rum from Ghost in a Bottle won the 'Gold Award' in the 'Column Still' category at the World Rum Awards 2021 in London. 'Column Still' means that the rum is distilled in a column.

A fruity and elegant rum

You will discover in our Bordeaux Cask Rum fruity aromas of apricot, almond and white grapes. The final note is peppery and dark chocolate. Just like our Double Aged Rum, this rum has a silky mouthfeel, yet is comparatively finer and more elegant in its final note. You can enjoy this rum neat or with ice cubes.

The rum is available in 70 cl and 10 cl.

Bordeaux Cask Rum

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