Single Cask Rum

In May 2021, Ghost in a Bottle released its latest rum innovation: Single Cask. This rum normally contains 46% alcohol, but this percentage may vary depending on the sales outlet.

A tailored rum

This rum is only available in a few established outlets for Ghost in a Bottle upon advance request. The words “Specially bottled for” and the name of the outlet appear on the bottle. It is a unique and tailored bottle of rum. Retailers can choose the percentage of alcohol, according to their needs. The registration of the barrel is also indicated, since every order is different. A barrel holds 300 litres of this rum.

A dry and amber rum

Single Cask Rum, from Ghost in a Bottle, has a smoky taste and contains woody notes. When tasting it, you can also detect hints of almond, black pepper, mocha and honey. The aftertaste is dry, rich and silky on the palate, with a hint of dark chocolate and mocha on the final note.

The rum is available in 70 cl.

Single Cask Rum

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