Apple Delight
Apple Delight

50ml No Ghost Herbal
30ml pressed apple juice
natural light tonic water

1. pour the first two ingredients in a large glass
2. fill the glass with ice and stir gently
3. top with tonic and stir one last time
4. garnish with a cinnamon stick and a sprig of rosemary


30ml No Ghost Herbal
30ml Non-Alcoholic Red Vermouth
30ml Crodino Rosso

1. stir like you do with a traditional Negroni, thirty seconds on ice
2. strain into an old-fashioned glass
3. garnish with a dried blood orange wheel or zest of a fresh orange

​​​​​​​A  LYCHEE  DAY
25ml lemon juice
50ml No Ghost floral delight
35ml Lychee juice
1 egg white

1. pour the ingredients in a shaker and dry shake for 15 seconds 
2. add some ice and shake one last time
3. strain into an old-fashioned glass

4. garnish with 2 slices of apple

A Lychee Day
A Lychee Day

50ml No Ghost floral delight
indian tonic water / elderflower
or a soda drink
red fruit to garnish

1. pour the floral delight in a low or high ball 
2. add ice cubes and top with tonic water
3. garnish with red fruit or some blackcurrant

Floral Serve
Floral Serve
Ghost Flower
Ghost Flower

60ml No Ghost floral delight
20ml simple syrup
15ml lime juice
6 drops orange blossom water (Fleur d’Oranger)
1 pomegranate 

1. muddle pomegranate in a shaker and add ice
2. add all ingredients and shake vigorously

2. strain into a glass over crushed ice
3. garnish with some pomegranate

Herbal Serve
Herbal Serve

50ml No Ghost herbal delight
indian tonic water / ginger ale or

a soda drink
a sprig of rosemary to garnish

1. pour the herbal delight in a tall glass
2. add ice cubes and top with tonic water
3. garnish with a sprig of rosemary 

60ml No Ghost herbal delight
15ml maple syrup
10ml lime juice
10ml homemade grenadine
50ml homemade apple tea

1. prepare glass with 10 ml of grenadine and ice
2. shake first 3 ingredients with ice in a shaker
3. double strain the content over the glass
4. add apple tea, stir once and top off with soda
5. garnish with mint or fresh fennel

Ceci n’est pas un fantôme
Ceci n’est pas un fantôme

60ml No Ghost floral delight
10 - 20ml fresh orange juice
alcohol free sparkling wine
orange zest and a mint leave to garnish

1. pour the first two ingredients in a coupette
2. top with alochol free sparkling wine
3. garnish with orange zest and a mint leave
Mimosa Delight
Mimosa Delight
Ginger Touchée
Ginger Touchée

50ml No Ghost herbal delight
ginger beer
mint leaves
Cape gooseberry (golden berry) to garnish

1. muddle the mint slightly in the bottom of your glass
2. add ice and the herbal delight and stir
3. gently top with ginger beer
4. garnish with a cape gooseberry 
Espresso Nontini
Espresso Nontini

50ml No Ghost herbal delight
1 small cold espresso
20 ml vanilla syrup
coffee beans to garnish

1. add all the ingredients in a shaker with ice
2. shake gently and strain over a glass
3. garnish with some coffee beans