No Ghost in a Bottle

In early November 2018, Ghost in a Bottle launched the No Ghost range – which is non-alcoholic – and has become the main player in Belgium to offer a non-alcoholic spirit.

A non-alcoholic and great-tasting alternative 

In recent times, we have organised numerous tastings among customers to present our products. We noted that more and more people replied: “No thanks, I don’t drink,” which clearly implied that they did not wish to consume alcohol.

Growing numbers of people have resolved to reduce their alcohol consumption or to stop consuming it, whether for health reasons or purely out of choice. Yet they only had a limited number of alternatives – such as water, soft drinks or juices that are packed with sugars. So we decided it was high time to offer these people an attractive alternative, so they can enjoy an appetising non-alcoholic drink without any need to compromise.

Belgium’s first-ever non-alcoholic spirit 

In our kitchen, during an experiment, we discovered a preparation process in which we distilled herbs with water. The flavour, extracted by steaming, is then used for our drinks. Thus was born the first No Ghost – a non-alcoholic spirit!

These spirits are far more than just a non-alcoholic imitation of alcoholic drinks. They are surprisingly complex and boast a strong identity.

With Ghost in a Bottle, we can proudly say that we were the first in Belgium to bring non-alcoholic spirits to the market.

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