Ginetical Wooded Gin

In August 2016, Ginetical Wooded Gin joined our product line. This gin is innovative in terms of its taste and the experience it offers.

American whiskey barrels

Just like Ginetical Royal Gin, this is a Belgian gin distilled with "royal spice" (bog myrtle or sweet gale). The difference lies in the percentage of alcohol, which is 43%, and the aging process of the woody vintage. This gin is aged in American whiskey barrels, specifically in bourbon barrels. The name ‘Wooded’ indicates the material from which the containers are made.

"World's Best Matured Gin 2018"

At that time, maturing gin in American whiskey barrels was relatively uncommon. Ghost in a Bottle was therefore the first to market a Belgian matured gin. In 2018, it was awarded "World's Best Matured Gin" at the World Gin Awards in London.

A complex gin with berry notes

Ginetical Wooded Gin is a dark, complex and delicate gin. You'll find subtle hints of juniper and notes of cherry. The flavours of this gin offer a real explosion of taste in the mouth, with a delightful sweet final note.

The gin is available in 70 cl, 35 cl and 10 cl.

Ginetical Wooded Gin

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