Feliz Mindful Sparkling

Ghost in a Bottle and El Gusto Loco de Boom have joined forces to launch a new 100% Belgian aperitif, which is ready to drink and sparkling: Feliz Mindful Sparkling.

Feliz contains qualitative acids, notably as a result of natural fermentation and healthy ingredients, and only a small amount of sugar. So it is low in calories. Connoisseurs describe it as refreshing, complex and surprising, with a well-balanced final note.

This is the first drink of its kind: sparkling, without grapes, and with a low sugar content. Feliz and the No Ghost range offer an outstanding alternative for people who appreciate an elegant experience but don't want to drink alcohol.

Serving suggestion

Feliz is best enjoyed chilled and served in a champagne glass. This new vintage was specifically designed to be enjoyed neat, with no garnish or ice, and without mixing with other beverages.

Enjoy an elegant and sparkling experience!

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