Double Aged Rum

In August 2018, Ghost in a Bottle launched its first rum Ghost in a Bottle Double Aged, a five year-old rum with an alcohol content of 40%.

Matured in barrels of sherry and French oak

The rum is sourced from Trinidad and Tobago. The first maturation takes place in the Caribbean, where the rum is aged for five years. The second maturation takes place in our cellar, in Belgium. Here, the rum is partially aged in barrels of sherry and French oak.

"World Rum Awards 2019"

Ghost in a Bottle Double Aged won the ‘Silver Award’ at the World Rum Awards 2019 in London.

A fine and sophisticated rum suitable for sipping

Ghost in a Bottle Double Aged rum, produced by Ghost in a Bottle, is a fine and elaborate rum that has been double aged. You will experience notes of dates, tobacco leaves, vanilla and caramel. This rum, which has a long and smooth finish, can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

The rum is available in 70 cl and 10 cl.

Double Aged Rum

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