Bottled memories

My wife is an avid tea drinker. The aromas and flavours intrigued me and I discovered that chilled tea has an even greater finesse and complexity. Together with my neighbour Peter Schneider, we made hundreds of different teas, started mixing, played with maceration times to get the right mouthfeel, and added co² with a simple sparkling water device. This gave rise to the idea of making an alcohol-free pet'nat by adding active yeast and sugar that provides natural co2. A significant addition to Téliz, as the flavour evolves long after bottling and the bubble gets more delicate. 

Téliz is a high-quality addition to our range and, like Feliz, an elegant non-alcoholic aperitif brimming with flavour.

Innovative, rebellious, 100% Belgian and the first of its kind: an alcohol-free pet'nat based on tea. Téliz is available in two varieties; blanc and rosé, both equally surprising and low in sugar. No less than 8 different teas and infusions are used for the rosé and as many as 18 varieties for the blanc.

Pet'nat is short for pétillant naturel, or "naturally effervescent". Using the méthode ancestrale, a quantity of sugar and active yeast is added to the cooled tea. The yeast immediately starts converting the sugar and forming natural co2, which can no longer escape by being bottled immediately. This creates a deposit of yeast cells at the bottom of the bottle, making it slightly cloudy. However, this has many advantages! Yeast contains many amino acids, is an important source of vitamin B, and it is also a natural preservative.

The result is a fine, rich and soft natural bubble, which adds complexity and lingers in your glass for a long time. The rosé has rich aromas of blackcurrant and strawberry, flowers, liquorice and exotic spices, with a very soft bubble, mouth-filling with fresh acidity and a full finish. A very nice aperitif and companion to light, fresh meals, white meat and soft cheeses. The blanc has subtle aromas of white fruit and citrus. It is mineral and floral. Its bubble is soft and it has fresh acids and a long finish. The ultimate non-alcoholic aperitif and companion to light, fresh meals and fish.

Téliz is available in 75 cl.

Serving suggestion

Téliz comes into its own best, well-chilled and served in a Champagne glass. It also creates an uncompromising and stylish experience that totally suits Téliz. It is meant to be enjoyed pure, without ice, without garnish.

Téliz adds charm to your party, without compromise!


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