Our gins

Bottled memories

Early in July 2020, during the summer of the Covid pandemic, I went on holiday to Croatia with a group of single-parent families. It was my first experience of camping, although it was a fairly luxurious tent on a wonderful campsite by the water. During the day, everyone was busy with their children and activities. But in the evenings, when the youngest children were asleep and the teenagers were out together, the parents would gather in the ‘party tent’ for a nice chat over a few drinks.

Marleen, one of the ladies in our group, had a bottle of gin and made us a delicious gin and tonic. I had never tried one before. To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of alcohol. However this gin and tonic was excellent. We had great fun on this holiday. We shared a lot, laughed a lot and this was how we helped each other through this sad corona period. They were unforgettable holidays, which I will always associate with gin, either with or without tonic. I still get together with this group. We call ourselves the ‘gin-ladies’, even though we are not really drinkers...

When I returned home, I told Ludwig about this adventure. About how gin had become for me a symbol of carefreeness and laughter together. Several months later, he brought me a bottle of gin that he had made. It was delicious! Now, whenever I go on holiday, I carry a bottle of Ludwig’s ‘Gin’...


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